Creativity rules my day...

It keeps me busy from sunrise to sunset and usually fairly late into the night! 

I grew up surrounded by creative people, and studied art history, fashion and textile design.  My style is fairly eclectic, I enjoy trying new things and challenging myself; there is always more to learn!

Nature inspires me, from the sound of ocean waves, to the feel of cool crisp air or a magical sky filled with stars.  Sunshine, flowers, candles and a glass of wine helps too! 

Color, texture  and the juxtaposition of different elements interest me.  Simple or complex there is no one answer.  I am not into mass production, I create pieces that excite me and I want people to feel the love that goes into everything I make.

I work part time at a fabulous bead & gem store called Bead World, so I am surrounded by talented individuals which creates a fun atmosphere to work in and also gives me access to some amazing supplies.  I feel lucky to be doing something that I LOVE!